Company Profile


We are a leading supplier of the venting products in China, USA, Europe and many other nations.

Pan Asia MicroVent Tech has excellent design, application service engineers and a large production capacity. We can offer you the best Microvent solutions to the problems of ventilation, heat elimination, protect from liquids, particles and airflow. Pan Asian MicroVent Tech has ten years' production and application experience of composite material.

ePTFE membrane has excellent chemical stability, heat resistance and other properties. Pan Asian MicroVent Tech uses composite, laminated, surface modification techniques and confers the ePTFE membrane which has a porous structure for improved strength, heat sealing resistance, Hydrophobic and Oleophobic. With these technologies , our company developed a series of micro-venting application projects used in cars, sensors, instrumentation, electronics, packaging, medical and other fields. We also design and develop made-to-order products according to the requirement of our customers.