Aerogel composite insulation felt MV-TIB


Product application field:Pipeline energy saving,Building insulation,Heat insulation of vehicles and ships

Product description 

This material is composited with silica aerogel and glass fiber felt, dryed bysupercritical fluid drying. It has excellent thermal insulation performance. Aerogels are currently known solid materials with the lowest thermal conductivity. Through the fixation of the glass fiber carrier, the aerogel can maintain a low thermal conductivity while giving it good mechanical properties and usability. It is widely used in large-area building insulation, pipeline energy saving and other fields.


Ultra low thermal conductivity

Wide operating temperature range: -200℃~600℃

Good mechanical properties

Fire and flame retardant

Product application field

Pipeline energy saving

Building insulation

Heat insulation of vehicles and ships

physical parameters

SizeThickness 3mm
width ≤1.5m
length ≤30m
Thickness 6mm
width ≤1.5m
length ≤30m
Thickness 10mm
width ≤1.5m
length ≤30m
Thermal conductivity rate
Tensile strength (KPa)100010001000
Compressive strength (KPa)
@ 10%
FlammabilityClass AClass AClass A
Dimensional stability≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%

*Test data does not represent overall data

*Product size is customized according to customer needs